Inside the left-wing dark money voter turnout operation targeting vulnerable patients

EXCLUSIVE — The Athens Neighborhood Health Center, Indiana Health Centers, and Mariposa Community Health Center collectively sit on over $58 million in assets and receive regular checks from the federal government.

As federally qualified health centers registered as tax-exempt nonprofit organizations in Georgia, Indiana, and Arizona, respectively, they cater to low-income patients benefiting from Medicaid and Medicare. The FQHCs, along with their counterparts, are set for a windfall thanks to President Joe Biden earlier this year freeing up $4.4 billion for them, the most substantial annual funding increase in a decade.

The taxpayer-backed health centers, however, also have something else in common. Like hundreds of others scattered across the United States, they are partners of a little-known charity in Boston called Vot-ER behind a sprawling “nonpartisan” operation to register vulnerable patients to vote ahead of the 2024 election between Biden and former
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