Self-checkout machines face ban in California with new bill aimed at curbing theft

A new California bill has the potential to ban self-checkout options in grocery stores in an attempt to curb retail theft.

Senate Bill 1446, introduced by Democratic state Sen. Lola Smallwood-Cuevas, would “prohibit a grocery or retail drug establishment from providing a self-service checkout option” unless conditions such as ensuring that no more than two self-service checkout stations are monitored by one employee are met, according to a summary of the proposed legislation.

The bill also mandates that stores access how using artificial intelligence or other technology may cut jobs and “significantly affects the essential job functions of its employees.”

Smallwood-Cuevas said self-checkouts are responsible for $10 billion in losses and cause 16 times more losses than check-outs done with a cashier. 

“As self-checkout has become more commonplace, loan workers have become easy targets for theft
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