Democrats lose another argument: Who’s better for democracy?

President Joe Biden’s lackluster campaign is losing one of the few key Democratic talking points left in the 2024 election besides abortion.

It’s an issue that has become dominant even in many House and Senate races since the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. As former President Donald Trump edges closer to winning back the White House, liberals have warned that “democracy itself” is on the ballot.

Democrats presumably believe that voters agree with them that Trump is a threat to the Constitution and believe the media’s breathless claims, to quote ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, that “bedrock tenets of our democracy are being tested in a way we haven’t seen since the Civil War.”

But, it turns out, not so much.

In fact, it appears that Trump and Republicans own the democracy argument.

‘Preserve, Protect and Defend’: How’s Biden Doing?

In terms of
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