Harvard president threatens ‘involuntary leave’ for protesters in pro-Palestinian encampment

Alan M. Garber, the interim president of Harvard University, has threatened to remove pro-Palestinian occupiers from Harvard Yard through “involuntary leave,” according to a universitywide statement issued Monday.

The message comes as finals conclude and the specter of confrontations with graduation ceremonies grows. Students who have been suspended in connection with the protests will not be able to complete final exams or remain in Harvard housing, Garber wrote, adding they “must cease to be present on campus until reinstated.”

“I write today with this simple message: The continuation of the encampment presents a significant risk to the educational environment of the University,” Garber said. “Those who participate in or perpetuate its continuation will be referred for involuntary leave from their Schools.”

Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine, a group organizing the encampment that is not recognized
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