Biden prepares to meet ‘important moment’ with speech on antisemitism

President Joe Biden‘s political sensibilities and public speaking skills will be tested next week when he delivers a highly anticipated speech denouncing antisemitism.

But critics contend the speech, scheduled to take place one week after colleges requested that police respond to student protest encampments over the Israel-Hamas war, could be too little, too late as Biden tries to assure the Jewish community and those sympathetic toward the Palestinian cause that he stands with them both.

Biden’s task with the speech, to be delivered as part of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s annual Days of Remembrance ceremony, is a “tough one,” according to Colby College government professor emeritus Sandy Maisel.

“This is a speech that has to be carefully crafted,” Maisel told the Washington Examiner.

For Maisel, condemning antisemitism is the “easy” part. What is more difficult
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