Trump mocks Biden’s ‘pause’ blunder and takes straw poll on president’s best nickname

Former President Donald Trump mocked President Joe Biden and took a straw poll on the best nickname for his successor on Wednesday at a campaign rally.

At the Waukesha County Expo Center in Wisconsin, Trump riffed on Biden’s recent teleprompter blunder, when he appeared to read off the instructions for how he should act.

Former President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, at the Waukesha County Expo Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

“Isn’t it nice to have a president who doesn’t need a teleprompter — not that he can read it anyway, he can’t read it,” Trump said. “Now think if I read my teleprompter and I’m going, ‘Well, let’s see, because of the weakness in the economy, I’d like to apologize — pause. Pause. Pause,’” he added mockingly, to laughter from the
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