Democratic Minnesota state senator appears to change story following first-degree burglary charge

A Democratic Minnesota state senator’s story appears to have changed after being arrested and charged with first-degree burglary Monday.

Sen. Nicole Mitchell snuck into her stepmother’s house through a window dressed in all black, according to a police complaint. During the arrest, Mitchell allegedly admitted to her stepmother that she was “just trying to get a couple of my dad’s things.” Just two days later, she says she was just checking in on “a loved one” with dementia.

“Unfortunately, I startled this close relative, exacerbating paranoia, and I was accused of stealing, which I absolutely deny,” Mitchell said in a public statement.

However, according to investigators, she previously conceded, “Clearly, I’m not good at this. … I know I did something bad.” The police report states that the Minnesota Democrat was looking to take “pictures,
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