New rap song ‘Black MAGA’ music video debuts and touts rising support for Trump

Rapper Forgiato Blow posted a new rap song, “Black MAGA,” on his YouTube channel, “Mayor of Magville,” this week.

The song is performed by the artist Black Donald Trump. The music video features various “Blacks for Trump” signs on vehicles and T-shirts.

“Donald Trump. Yeah, that’s my president,” the rapper sings in the music video with a crowd of African Americans gathered in a parking lot.

The music video shows a blonde man who looks like former President Donald Trump in sunglasses wearing a “Trump 2024” T-shirt. The man playing Trump in the video is seen giving a thumbs up as a woman in front of him is smacking the behind of a woman twerking in short green shorts.

“Black MAGA! Black MAGA!” the rapper yelled. “Donald Trump the first black president!”

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