Mitch McConnell argues $61 billion in Ukraine aid is ‘not a whole lot of money’ for US

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said the $61 billion in aid to Ukraine will greatly help the European country, which is still fighting its war with Russia.

The Senate voted Tuesday to pass foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Indo-Pacific allies by a 79-18 vote, marking a victory for both Ukraine and the U.S. lawmakers who had pushed to provide the aid. McConnell explained that the $61 billion Ukraine will receive is much more valuable to it than to the United States, as the amount is only 0.2% of the latter’s gross domestic product.

“So put in that context, it’s not a whole lot of money for us, but it’s a very significant step for them because it gives them the more sophisticated weapons they need to hold the
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