Judge hands win to Stormy Daniels by quashing Trump subpoena

A judge in New York granted porn star Stormy Daniels‘s request that a subpoena she received from former President Donald Trump’s attorneys be quashed, according to a court order filed Wednesday.

Judge Juan Merchan said the subpoena, which Trump’s defense team issued to Daniels in March to obtain documents from Daniels related to his hush money case, was “overbroad.”

“The Court of Appeals has held that a subpoena is properly quashed when the party issuing the subpoena fails ‘to demonstrate any theory of relevancy and materiality, but instead, merely desire[s] the opportunity for an unrestrained foray into confidential records in the hope that the unearthing of some unspecified information [will] enable [them] to impeach witness[es],’” Merchan noted.

Through the subpoena, Trump’s attorneys sought details related to the eponymous documentary Daniels released this year that centers on her
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