Gaza isn’t as important to young voters as expected: Poll

As anti-Israel protests heat up across Columbia University and other elite college campuses, a new Harvard poll reveals only 2% of people ages 18-29 consider the Israel-Hamas conflict as the most concerning issue.

When comparing the Israel-Hamas conflict to other issues, 61% of the time respondents said it was a less important issue. 

The most important issue for young voters was the economy, followed by illegal immigration and inflation. Inflation ranks high among young adults, with 64% of respondents saying it was the most important issue. Meanwhile, student debt was considered an important issue 26% of the time, and abortion rights were the most important issue half of the time.

Currently, President Joe Biden is campaigning heavily on abortion rights, and he is pushing through student debt elimination measures as inflation continues to rise.

Meanwhile, pro-Palestinian protests taking over college campuses have seen lots
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