Biden mocks Trump for bleached hair to union crowd that chanted ‘lock him up’

President Joe Biden delivered another campaign speech to union members on Wednesday, focusing his remarks before the North America’s Building Trades Unions annual conference on attacking his 2024 Republican opponent, former President Donald Trump.

Attendees at the conference booed loudly when a video comparing Trump and Biden played ahead of the president’s speech. Attendees chanted, “Lock him up,” when Trump was on screen before turning to “four more years” as Biden took the stage.

North America’s Building Trades Union legislative conference

During intro video to Pres. Biden’s remarks, attendees here (labor union leaders, employees) booed during a compilation of Trump clips.

“Lock him up!” some chanted.

— aaron navarro (@aaronlarnavarro) April 24, 2024

The president opened his remarks by thanking the union for endorsing him in 2020 and again on Wednesday ahead of the general
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