Transgender student accused of beating pre-teen student, attacked sheriff deputies at hearing

The transgender student, a biological male who identified as a female, accused of beating a 12-year-old with a Stanley cup tumbler at Pennbrook Middle School in the suburbs of Philadelphia last week, allegedly attacked sheriff deputies at a hearing on Monday.

The act of violence allegedly came after a judge ruled that the transgender student was to be held at the Montgomery County Youth Detention Center in Eagleville, Pennsylvania because of the violent attack at the school.

“The judge ordered that the juvenile be detained at the Youth Center,” Upper Gwynedd Police Chief David Duffy told me in a response to my email inquiry on Monday night. “Upon hearing this, the juvenile grabbed a nearby water jug, swung it at sheriff’s deputies, and resisted being handcuffed.”


A male who identifies as transgender brutally assaulted a female student at Pennbrook Middle School in PA.

One girl who said
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