Supreme Court Starbucks case could grind down agency powers

The Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday over Starbucks‘s challenge to an order requiring it to rehire fired union activists, giving the justices another shot at paring back agency power.

Justices will hear the case Starbucks Corp v. McKinney, which stems from the firing of seven employees in Memphis, Tennessee, in February 2022. Those terminated employees have since become known as the “Memphis 7.”

FILE – Pro-union pins sit on a table during a watch party for Starbucks’ employees union election, Dec. 9, 2021, in Buffalo, New York. (AP Photo/Joshua Bessex, File)

Starbucks and the National Labor Relations Board will appear before the nine-member high court to debate how federal courts should treat the agency’s request for a district court judge to order those employees reinstated while their case proceeds. A lower court judge agreed, and the Memphis 7
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