Pentagon confirms first attack against troops in Iraq and Syria since February

The Department of Defense confirmed that U.S. troops were the target of attacks by militias in Iraq and Syria recently.

Pentagon spokesman Maj. Gen. Patrick Ryder affirmed on Tuesday that the two attacks on April 22 were unsuccessful, injured no one, and that it was the first time these Iranian-supported militias carried out an attack like this since early February.

These militias have targeted U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria roughly 170 times between mid-October, following Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack in Israel and Israel’s subsequent response, and early February. In late January, the militias killed three U.S. troops at Tower 22, a small U.S. base in northeast Jordan. The United States’s multipronged response had temporarily restored deterrence, or convinced those militias that the U.S. would respond forcefully to continued attacks.

A day earlier, Ryder stated that “a coalition fighter destroyed a launcher in
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