Legislator warns of subject to appropriation ‘blank checks,’ audit findings

(The Center Square) – Some are warning their fellow Illinois state legislators that passing bills that are “subject to appropriation” could lead to taxpayers covering “blank checks” and to audit findings for state agencies.

Last week, amid the 324 bills passed by the Illinois House, several included programs and initiatives for state agencies that are “subject to appropriation.”

One measure would create a new program to help fund certain farm programs with tax dollars. Another dealt with researching the impacts of arts programs. Another measure allows a state agency to rework a web portal for a state-run program. There were even measures dealing with electric vehicles and recreational trails that were “subject to appropriation.”

Some legislators couldn’t answer whether new programs were going to be funded through federal tax funds, state tax funds or other funds. Some also couldn’t answer how much things may cost taxpayers, or disregarded cost estimates.

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