Federal judge strikes down felon voting law in North Carolina, alleging ‘discriminatory intent’

A federal judge struck down a North Carolina law making it illegal for felons to vote before their rights have been restored, with the court finding the law had “discriminatory intent.”

The ruling does not change state law to allow felons to vote but rather strikes down a law potentially making it a separate felony for felons who cast a vote even if they are still ineligible. Those bringing the challenge alleged the law, which dates back to 1877, was designed to “disproportionately impact Black North Carolinians.”

“The Challenged Statute was enacted with discriminatory intent, has not been cleansed of its discriminatory taint, and continues to disproportionately impact Black voters,” according to the Monday court order. “Therefore, the Court finds that the Challenged Statute violates the Equal Protection Clause.”

Judge Loretta Biggs of the
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