Facebook election censors hit MTG, Trump, RFK Jr.

The mostly anti-conservative censors at Facebook tagged several Republican candidates over the past decade, removing ads and posts at least 39 times, according to a new deep-dive investigation into the social media platform and its partners.

Politicians, including former President Donald Trump, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), and even independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., saw their content censored by the online giant that has repeatedly promised to protect free speech.

“If Facebook, the company, had a personal Facebook profile, its ‘relationship status’ with free speech would say, ‘It’s complicated.’ The platform, however, has consistently courted election interference efforts,” read the report from MRC Free Speech America.

(Graphic courtesy of the Media Research Center)

“The platform’s record of election-interfering censorship began in 2012, reached a crescendo in 2020,” the Media Research Center said. MRC
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