‘Are you trying to make this OJ?’ Jon Stewart jokes over media dramatizing Trump trial

Comedian Jon Stewart poked fun at how the media are covering former President Donald Trump’s legal battles, joking that many outlets are doing the opposite of what they said they would do.

The late-night host blasted multiple media outlets, including CNN and MSNBC, when they argued that they gave the former president too much coverage ahead of the 2016 election. Stewart then played recent footage from all of these outlets covering Trump’s trial, with most of these outlets describing it as “the trial of the century,” in a nod to O.J. Simpson’s 1995 trial.

“Seriously, are we going to follow this guy to court every f***ing day?” Stewart said. “Are you trying to make this O.J.? It’s not a chase — he’s commuting! So the media’s first attempt, the very first attempt of a first day of self-control,
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