Infamous 1940s spy Rosenberg claimed ‘loyalty, patriotism’ to America

Eight years before he and his wife Ethel were executed in the electric chair at New York‘s notorious Sing Sing prison, Soviet spy Julius Rosenberg pleaded with federal officials to keep his job with the Army Signal Corps.

In a secret two-page memo to officials who had just suspended Rosenberg, he claimed he was wronged because of a “discredited charge” that he had joined the Communist Party.

“It only serves to persecute me, prevents me from making my contribution to the war effort as an electronic engineer and earning my livelihood in the established American way, and thereby denies me my inalienable right to maintain myself, my wife and child,” he wrote on Feb. 13, 1945.

Image courtesy Alexander Historical Auctions

“I refer you to all the contractors and their representatives at whose plants I’ve been stationed, to all
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