Massachusetts Republicans see opportunity to make inroads in Democratic stronghold

In a state that hasn’t elected a Republican House representative since 1993 and only two Republican senators since 1967, Massachusetts GOP Chairwoman Amy Carnevale is optimistic for her party amid recent opinion polls.

Carnevale cited a poll in a recent recruitment email that indicated 67% of Bay Staters think the migrant situation is a crisis or major problem in an effort to inspire new Republican candidates to run in Massachusetts.

“While the Democrats engage in their usual theatrics and political maneuvers, it’s the Republicans who are stepping up with pragmatic, common-sense solutions to tackle the migrant crisis head-on,” Carnevale wrote. “And guess what? These solutions are resonating powerfully with the silent majority. Just look at Senator Peter Durant, who clinched a senate seat by championing this very cause.”

Carnevale also blasted
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