DeSantis tussles with Satanic Temple after signing school chaplain bill: ‘He just invited’ us

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) signed a bill on Thursday that would allow volunteer chaplains in Florida schools, although one religion may not be able to use the new law. 

The legislation creates a statewide program in which school districts and charter schools can allow volunteer chaplains on school campuses to provide counseling to children. The Satanic Temple, however, may not be able to volunteer as other religions are allowed to. 

“We’re not playing those games in Florida,” DeSantis said when asked about that transpiring. “[Satanism] is not a religion. That is not qualifying to be able to participate in this.”

The Satanic Temple disagreed with the governor’s statement.

“Despite DeSantis’s contempt for religious liberty, the Constitution guarantees our equal treatment under the law, and DeSantis is not at liberty to amend the Constitution by fiat, at whim,” said Lucien Greaves,
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