Chicago councilman involved with group planning to give DNC ‘1968 kind of welcome’

A Chicago councilman is involved with a group planning to disrupt the Democratic National Committee meeting in August, reminiscent of the infamous protests that rocked the city in 1968.

Over 450 far-left activists attended the “March on DNC 2024” meeting, at which 75 different organizations planned how to disrupt the DNC convention scheduled for August, the Free Press reported. At the event, speakers outlined how to best carry out illegal actions, burned an American flag, and conspired over how to recreate the events of 1968, in which 10,000 demonstrators clashed with police while protesting the Vietnam War, resulting in 668 arrests and hundreds of injuries.

Thousands of protesters march down Chicago’s Michigan Avenue on Saturday, Oct. 21, 2023 in support of the Palestinians. (AP Photo/Amy Forlitti)

One of the most alarming speakers was Byron Sigcho-Lopez, a Democrat
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