Biden’s student loan plans haven’t bought him enough goodwill with young voters

President Joe Biden has worked to woo young voters with his student loan forgiveness plan, but he is still lagging with the demographic in polls against former President Donald Trump.

In two polls released on Thursday, Biden has smaller leads over Trump with young voters than four years ago — in a group he needs to win convincingly to win another term. The spring 2024 Harvard Youth poll showed Biden leading Trump 45% to 37% with adults aged 18 to 29, significantly behind Biden’s 51%-to-28% lead with that base of voters four years ago, according to the same pollster at this time in 2020.

In an Emerson College poll, Biden leads Trump among registered voters aged 18 to 29, 57.9% to 42.1%, which is behind his 60.5%-to-29% lead in the age group
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