Caitlin Clark says she’s not pressured on taking WNBA to next level in popularity

Women’s National Basketball Association player Caitlin Clark said she does not feel pressure to make the league more popular because that is happening naturally.

Clark, who was just drafted by the Indiana Fever as the league’s top pick, was asked about her growing popularity, and if she ever feels pressured to “carry” women’s basketball.

“I think that’s going to happen with the way we’re on TV more, the way people are falling from college games to the WNBA,” Clark said on The Pat McAfee Show Wednesday. “I think expansion of the WNBA will certainly help, the more teams there are, I mean, it’s the most competitive league in the world ’cause there’s not many spots. There’s 12 teams and not even every team carries 12 players.”

Clark added that she never imagined women’s basketball becoming as popular as it is today,
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