Team DeSantis corrects Libs of TikTok as school fight videos take over conservative X space

Members of Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R-FL) administration criticized Libs of TikTok and saw the account correct a viral post after the popular X page shared a middle school fight video the DeSantis team said was addressed months ago.

Fights breaking out in schools have become very popular in the conservative X space with users such as Libs of TikTok appearing to share them in an effort to call for greater action, but the DeSantis team said a specific video highlighting an incident at Sebastian Middle School was misleading because the team noted the offender responsible was disciplined months ago.

In the viral footage, a student carrying what seems to be an instrument is knocked to the ground and is beaten as onlookers bark.

BREAKING: A kid was brutally attacked in Sebastian Middle School in FL. She
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