Hecklers storm stage during Eric Adams speech: ‘How much money do you take from the rich?’

Hecklers stormed a stage where New York City Mayor Eric Adams was speaking, accusing him of being bought by the rich.

On Tuesday, during a “power breakfast” held by the Association for a Better New York, Adams gave a speech outlining updates on progress made by the city under his tenure. In the middle of the speech, a group of hecklers stormed the stage, placing themselves within arm’s length of the mayor, video showed.

“How much money do you take from the rich?” the protesters chanted.

“We need a new mayor!” others shouted.

.⁦@NYCMayor⁩ ⁦@ABetterNY⁩ speech is interrupted by protesters saying he failed working class New Yorkers: “We need a new mayor!” pic.twitter.com/RAT3lf18wS

— Jeff Mays (@JeffCMays) April 16, 2024

The protesters shouted complaints about rent and landlords, and security quickly retook the stage and dragged them
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