Georgian politician punches opponent and causes chaos during argument over ‘foreign agent’ bill

Tensions between lawmakers in the Georgian parliament boiled over on Monday when a member of the opposition party threw a punch over a controversial “foreign agent” bill.

Aleko Elisashvili, a member of parliament in the opposition party, ran up to the podium where ruling party leader Mamuka Mdinaradze was speaking and punched him, leading to chaos in the chamber. The initial punch by Elisashvili led to further skirmishes among lawmakers.

In Tbilisi, Georgia, after hitting a pro-Russian Member of Parliament, Aleko Elisashvili explained that he had punched him “right in his Russian face,” and that he could “shove the pro-Russian law up his ass,” as “Georgians will not be slaves.”

Russia only understands force.

— Jason Jay Smart (@officejjsmart) April 15, 2024

Mdinaradze was speaking to the chamber in support of a bill that would require organizations that take funds
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