Byron Donalds predicts result of Trump’s trial will mirror impact of indictments

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) said he thinks former president and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump will experience an increase in support due to his trial in New York, predicting that this trial will “backfire” on the Democrats.

The Florida congressman and Trump surrogate pointed to how Trump experienced a new wave of support after he was indicted multiple times last year, which were issued to the ex-president for his handling of classified documents and the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, among other topics. Donalds predicted that many voters would react to this trial by asking why Trump is being targeted when “the world is on fire.”

“Joe Biden is the one who is the master of disaster,” Donalds said on Fox News’s The Ingraham Angle. “Joe Biden is the one who has led America to
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