Bragg seeks to penalize Trump with contempt, $3,000 fine over gag order

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg asked a judge to hold Donald Trump in criminal contempt and fine the former president $3,000 for allegedly violating a gag order, according to a court filing made public Tuesday.

Prosecutors said Trump “willfully” violated the order, issued on April 1, by posting three separate times on social media about known witnesses and a prosecutor in Trump’s hush money case in New York.

They argued Trump should be held in criminal contempt, and that contempt sanctions should include a fine of $1,000 per post and a warning that any future gag order violation would result in a penalty of up to one month in prison.

“Defendant is not above the law, and he cannot simply disregard judicial orders that upset him,” prosecutors wrote.

Judge Juan Merchan had restricted Trump from speaking about witnesses
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