Caitlin Clark mocks comedian on Saturday Night Live over ‘sexist jokes’ about women’s sports

Women’s basketball star Caitlin Clark is known for making shots on the basketball court. On Saturday, she made shots of a different kind on the set of Saturday Night Live. 

Less than a week after ending her college basketball career at the University of Iowa as one of the most celebrated athletes in women’s college basketball history, Caitlin Clark appeared on the “Weekend Update” segment of the comedy sketch show. She mocked and ridiculued host Michael Che for many of his previous comments regarding women’s sports. 

“The University of Iowa announced that basketball star Caitlin Clark will have her jersey retired – and replaced with an apron,” Che quipped.

The joke drew some jeers from the crowd. Then, Che introduced Caitlin Clark for an opportunity to make some comedy of her own.

“Well, the WNBA draft is this Monday, and Iowa star Caitlin Clark is expected to be the
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