John Kirby insists Biden has ‘been tough on Iran’

White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby made a case that President Joe Biden has been “tough” on Iran.

Kirby appeared on Fox News Sunday the day after Iran launched an attack against Israel. Several of the missiles were shot down. However, Kirby addressed concerns that this attack came after sanctions against Iran that Donald Trump had enforced were lifted.

“It’s hard to look at what President Biden has done with respect to Iran and say that he hasn’t been tough on Iran and that we haven’t put pressure on them. We have an additional 500 sanctions, additional resources in the region” Kirby said before host Martha MacCallum interrupted.

“But also we’re also leaving sanctions,” MacCallum pointed out.

“And let’s take a look at that ballistic missile; Okay so they launched more than a hundred ballistic missiles, and how many got through?”
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