Lincoln Project launches attack ad on ‘right-wing nut’ RFK Jr.

The group of former Republicans known as the Lincoln Project released an attack ad on Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Friday.

This ad was posted on YouTube and has been viewed more than 224,000 times. It begins by referring to Kennedy’s father, Robert Kennedy, and uncle, John F. Kennedy, as “tragic leaders who were the best of America” in a voiceover while clips of the two late politicians are shown.

“Robert Kennedy Jr. Is a different kind of tragedy. A longtime heroin addict, Kennedy’s an anti-vaxxer extremist who thinks all vaccines are dangerous,” the video claims.

Kennedy’s various interviews on the subject of vaccines, particularly the COVID-19 vaccine, accompany the video. In one brief clip, Kennedy is heard implying that the coronavirus was “ethnically targeted.”

“Ethnically targeted? That’s racist and crazy. If
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