Pennsylvania innovation needs to overcome ‘valley of death’

(The Center Square) — For economic growth in Pennsylvania, legislators want to figure out ways to keep young people from fleeing for greener pastures elsewhere.

“Our young people grow up, we educate them well, and then they go where the opportunities are,” Sen. Dan Laughlin, R-Erie, said during a Senate Republican Policy Committee on Thursday. 

Republicans this week have focused on the theme. On Wednesday, they announced a higher ed proposal that would award $5,000 scholarships to college students who committed to staying in the commonwealth — and give in-state tuition to any out-of-state students who do the same.

But breaking that well-worn drive down the interstate will take time.

“We’re losing our young folks to other states because they’re finding their greatest opportunities elsewhere,” said Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill, R-York. “I am tired of losing constituents and businesses to North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and elsewhere.”

The growth of life sciences and tech in the
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