Jill Biden calls Trump ‘dangerous’ and ‘a bully’ in speech to LGBT group

First lady Jill Biden took aim at former President Donald Trump on Friday while speaking to an LGBT advocacy group.

“Donald Trump is a bully,” she said at the Human Rights Campaign’s Equality in Action event. “He is dangerous to the LGBTQ community, to our families, to our country, and we cannot let him win. We have to fight like hell until Joe and Kamala have another term.”

The first lady’s speech at the Sheraton Pentagon City in Arlington, Virginia, comes just after the launch of the Biden campaign’s “Out for Biden-Harris” initiative to engage LGBT voters.

“We’ve made progress, but there’s still so much more to do,” Jill Biden told the crowd of more than 500. “And we can’t and we won’t go back and refight the fights of
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