Three’s A Crowd: Biden tries to avoid Hillary’s 2016 mistakes with assertive third-party strategy

A presidential election rematch in 2024 between Joe Biden and Donald Trump has helped pave the way for renewed interest in third-party candidates. The most dominant interloper is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is currently polling at a healthy 11.7% and is being taken seriously, particularly by the DNC. This cycle has also seen No Labels threaten, and then fail, to field an alternative candidate, which nonetheless points to voters seeking an alternative to the status quo. This Washington Examiner series, Three’s a Crowd, will look at how and why third-party candidates could play a major spoiler come November. Part three will take a closer look at the Green Party’s Jill Stein, Hillary hatred, and the DNC’s lessons learned.

Eight years ago, Hillary Clinton, smarting from her surprise loss to then-reality star Donald Trump, started
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