Sage Steele shows that Keith Olbermann really is the worst person in the world

Left-wing pundits frequently like to proclaim that anytime a minority woman is criticized or attacked in the press, it is solely because of racism, sexism, white supremacy, or the patriarchy. Yet, this only seems to apply when the minority woman being criticized does not favor right-wing political talking points. If that woman does, then that poor, unfortunate soul will suffer the wrath of unrelenting attacks, and everything the Left previously warned about no longer applies.

For example, take former ESPN anchor Sage Steele and former ESPN and MSNBC host (and now certifiable lunatic) Keith Olbermann.

During an interview with Fox News last week, Steele recalled a 2021 interview that she had with President Joe Biden. Steele said that despite the appearance of it being a normal interview on
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