Ohio lawmakers want to expand candidate challenges

(The Center Square) – Any Ohio voter could protest a candidate for public office if new legislation clears the state Legislature.

Currently, only a registered member of the candidate’s party can file a protest, but Reps. Angie King, R-Celina, and Rodney Creech, R-West Alexandria, believe a change will make elections more open.

“Transparency is key to the success of our elections,” said King. “Open elections are a fundamental right of Americans, and they have the right to know who they are voting for.”

The proposed legislation comes after efforts to disqualify a Democratic candidate running for a seat in the Ohio House. The challenges came from Republican Party officials, saying both candidates did not list their “dead name” on election paperwork.

The Mercer County Board of Elections did take up the challenge against Arienne Childrey, previously a man now claiming to be woman. Childrey is trying to unseat King.

Current Ohio law says
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