Liberal Media Scream: Joy Reid wants prison, not airport, named for Trump

This week’s Liberal Media Scream revealed again just how easy it is to make cable TV hosts suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” go nuts.

With Congress on Easter break, there wasn’t much Capitol Hill news last week. So when a report was posted about a GOP proposal to rename Dulles International Airport after former President Donald Trump, MSBNC turned all its guns on the idea.

On the ReidOut, host Joy Reid said it was bad enough that the “worst” airport in America is named after Eisenhower-era Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. “Let’s make it worse” by naming it for Trump, she said.

Instead, she suggested that Trump’s name be put on a Miami prison, a reference to the legal cases he faces, one in Florida.

She and her guests, including Ali Velshi and Fordham University professor Christina Greer, piled
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