Ohio lawmaker introduces bill to repeal 16th Amendment

Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) proposed legislation aimed at repealing the 16th Amendment, which allows the government to tax people’s income.

The congressman brought up his legislation in an interview with Just the News, No Noise on Wednesday. Among the four co-sponsors are Reps. Mary Miller (R-IL) and Ronny Jackson (R-TX).

“Originally the country didn’t have an income tax,” Davidson told the show hosts. “They passed the 16th Amendment to make it legal to tax people’s income. It was originally just going to be for the really, really rich people. And of course, now it’s hitting everybody.”

Davidson originally introduced the legislation last year, though the lower chamber has not voted on the repeal. He said he would “love to get a vote on it.”

“Income taxes are definitely not necessary,” Davidson wrote in an
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