Detransitioner Chloe Cole warns Disney CEO Bob Iger that ‘lawsuits are coming’

Gender activist Chloe Cole warned Disney about upcoming lawsuits at its annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday.

She presented the “Gender-Based Compensation Gaps and Associated Risks” proposal that noted the Walt Disney Company’s medical benefits for employees cover gender dysphoria transitioning but does not provide medical care or insurance coverage for those who desire to “detransition.” Her proposal calls out the company’s “inequities” in compensation and benefits for employees across gender categories.

Cole posted a video of her comments on Wednesday at the Disney shareholder meeting discussing the proposal.

“Just got off the phone from the Disney annual shareholders meeting,” Cole said in a social media post on X. “I needed to call out Bob Iger and the rest of the board’s hypocrisy and the dangerous lies they feed to us through the media.”

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