Wisconsin Democrat loses Wausau mayoral race in warning sign for Biden

Katie Rosenberg, a rising Democratic star in Wisconsin, lost the Wausau mayoral race Tuesday evening to conservative challenger Doug Diny.

Diny, who was supported by Wisconsin GOP Chairman Brian Schimming, won the race 52.1% to the incumbent Rosenberg’s 47.9%, with just over 10,000 people voting in the election.


“Congratulations to WisGOP-backed Doug Diny on his triumph in the Wausau Mayoral election,” Schimming said in a statement Tuesday night. “His stunning victory over incumbent Mayor Katie Rosenberg marks an unmistakable repudiation of failed Democrat policies and is a win for Central Wisconsin values.”

Rosenberg’s loss is a warning sign for President Joe Biden in the crucial battleground state he won by roughly more
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