Various factors driving up car insurance premiums in Washington state

(The Center Square) – On the heels of a double-digit increase last year, Washington state drivers can expect to pay even more for auto insurance this year.

A report by personal finance website Value Penguin estimates Evergreen State motorists will see the second biggest increase in premiums in the nation this year, at 18%.

“There are a couple of reasons for this,” said Aaron VanTuyl, communications director with the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner. “The average rate weighted rate increase was 24.7% in 2023 and it is high, but prior to that we had a 2.8% increase in 2022, and no change either way in 2021. Last year was preceded by five years of very little change.”

So why have rates gone up so much, even for good drivers?

“Rates go up with the cost for paying out other insurance claims,” VanTuyl explained.

Payout costs have seen a major
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