UT Austin announces first round of DEI layoffs in compliance with Texas’s statewide ban

The University of Texas at Austin announced it will lay off around 60 employees related to diversity, equity, and inclusion measures after Texas banned DEI positions at public universities.

UT Austin is ensuring its compliance with the January legislation, sending a message announcing the “organizational changes.” Texas public institutions will need to comply with five specific requirements of the law, including getting rid of DEI offices and implementing merit-based hiring.

“We are discontinuing programs and activities within the Division of Campus and Community Engagement (DCCE) that now overlap with our efforts elsewhere,” university President Jay Hartzell said in the message. “Following these changes, the scale and needs of the remaining DCCE activities do not justify a stand-alone division. As a result, we are closing DCCE and redistributing the remaining programs.”

Hartzell said the university reviewed “campus portfolios [to] end
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