Trump sues Truth Social co-founders for their stake in the company

Former President Donald Trump is suing the co-founders of Truth Social’s parent company, Trump Media, seeking their stake in the company.

In the lawsuit, filed on March 24, the day before Trump Media went public, Trump accused co-founders Andy Litinsky and Wes Moss of bungling their duties in setting up the company.

“[Trump Media and Technology Group Corp] has been forced to file this action to remedy the harm inflicted upon it by two faithless fiduciaries and a company they own — Wesley Moss, Andrew Litinsky,
and [United Atlantic Ventures LLC] — and to halt their ongoing attempts to do even more damage,” the lawsuit read.

After laying out what their responsibilities were supposed to be, Trump’s lawyers accused them of failing spectacularly.

“Moss and Litinsky failed spectacularly at every turn,” it read. “They failed to get the corporate
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