California lawmakers have a new solution to deter retail thieves — arresting them

A Los Angeles County Democrat proposed legislation that would make retail theft a misdemeanor in an effort that could make shoplifters more fearful of stealing. 

The bill would make shoplifting a misdemeanor and allow law enforcement to make warrantless arrests for theft not committed in their presence if officers have probable cause. Democratic Assemblymember Wendy Carillo sponsored the legislation, along with two other Democrats and one Republican lawmaker. 

“Right now, there’s no fear, right? It’s like we can steal, we can commit these petty misdemeanor crimes, but it’s cite and release and there’s no record,” Carrillo told Politico. 

AB 1990, also known as the Secured Transactions and Organized Theft Prevention Act, is a result of the state’s surge in retail theft that has left small and large businesses alike packing up and leaving big cities where property crime is most
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