Secretive left-wing billionaires club promoted ‘toxic partisanship,’ founding member says

A founding member of a powerful network of wealthy Democratic donors that has included George Soros and environmental activist Tom Steyer is sounding the alarm over how the group contributed to “the decline of democracy” and “mounting gridlock and toxic partisanship.”

The Democracy Alliance has long kept its operations largely secret as it works to prop up left-wing policies and spends millions of dollars boosting Democratic lawmakers. But at least one former member doesn’t appear to be proud of her time at the Democracy Alliance, according to a Monday opinion article she wrote in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

“Twenty years ago, in the mid-2000s, I was a partisan warrior, and my philanthropy was entirely dedicated to pursuing my ideological beliefs,” Rachel Pritzker, the ex-member and heiress to the Hyatt
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