House Republican condemns Democrats’ ‘sexualization of everything’ after Easter controversy

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) bashed the Biden administration for its treatment of Easter, saying Democrats are “sexualizing everything.”

In an appearance on Fox Business, Tenney denounced the Biden administration’s decision to acknowledge Easter Sunday as Transgender Visibility Day, along with the inclusion of 145 days of LGBT recognition. The New York Republican said that effort constituted a “war on Christianity” and that she is worried about what Democrats are doing.

“Look, I’ve heard about this all day yesterday, and I have been throughout the district today, and everybody’s talking about it,” she said, referring to President Joe Biden’s declaration that Easter Sunday was Transgender Visibility Day. “It may have not surfaced in polls, but people are talking about it, and people are appalled with this.”

“This is a sacred day, especially celebrated by Christians and respected by all religions,” she
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