Former Trump official launches multimillion-dollar ad campaign in battleground state for Senate seat

Residents of Nevada, a key battleground state that may determine if Republicans gain the majority in the next Senate, will see a multimillion-dollar ad campaign for GOP candidate Jeff Gunter that will air in major television markets such as Reno and Las Vegas.

Gunter, the former ambassador to Iceland in the Trump administration, purchased $3.3 million in television, radio, texting, and digital advertising ahead of the state’s June 11 primary.

“We have people pouring over our border,” Gunter told Fox News Digital. “We have kids dying of fentanyl. We have crime in the streets. We have chaos around the world internationally. … Can I just sit back at home and do nothing given the depth and breadth of experience and who I am? And the answer is absolutely not.”

The battle is on, as Gutner looks to knock out
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