Defense official had ‘Havana syndrome’ symptoms during NATO summit, Pentagon confirms

The Department of Defense said on Monday that a senior official displayed symptoms of the mysterious illness known as “Havana syndrome” at a NATO summit last year, a day after a joint media investigation found evidence that Russia is likely behind the attacks, contradictory to the findings of the U.S. intelligence community.

Havana syndrome” is the name given to a mysterious neurological condition that a small group of American diplomats and spies overseas have reported since 2016. U.S. diplomats and members of the intelligence community in different locations reported symptoms including dizziness, head pain, vision problems, cognitive troubles, vertigo, and possibly traumatic brain injuries beginning at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba in 2016. 

An unnamed senior Department of Defense official who attended last year’s NATO summit showed signs of “Havana syndrome,” Pentagon deputy spokeswoman Sabrina Singh told reporters
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